Our history

If you clicked on this tab, you’re definitely the curious kind, as people clicking on

the historical background of a website aren’t that common. That being said, curiosity is a quality at MeylanProd, that is why you’ll find below some things to satisfy this not-so-ugly-of a flaw.

In the year of grace 2006, MeylandProd was not yet MeylanProd, but rather “Meylan Multimedia”, a hint to what was to follow : it is not by chance that in “multimedia”, you get the word “multi”, but because these guys at the time were rather the multitasking sort. Website, communication, graphic design, advertisements, video clips, short films, weddings, not weddings! Never!

Then of course at first, like any start-up firm, they were working mostly for small companies, and as trust grew, so did the size of the companies that approached them. Times were good, goals were diverse and the team grew. Yet, as the amount of work became overwhelming, there came a time when the evidence was clear: too much work harms the work itself.

Thus, on a nice summer day of 2012, they decided to mind their own business and

to hand over the communication part to PMBCom, which was at ease with the subject, in order to fully concentrate on the production part. That’s how MeylanMultimédia became

MeylanProd. And they were right to do so, for very quickly, ValTV mandated them to shoot various programs for the Vallée de Joux. This clearly contributed to a better stability since contracts became recurrent. Subsequently, the cantonal police came looking for them -no, not for some shady, crooked reasons, but to propose them to make prevention video clips on a regular basis! And it doesn’t come as a surprise, because besides having an artistic and professional visual rendering, MeylanProd is bursting with ideas. Proposals are refined and tailored to the demand… by the way, have you had the opportunity to see their Tête de Moine on the airplanes? (Of course, talking here about an advertisement for the famous cheese, each head at MeylanProd is of a normal size.) This ad was among the three having the honour to be broadcasted on long flights, and greatly contributed to extend the exposure of their work to an international scale.

Since then, Meylanprod has kept on going, coming up with concepts for all sorts of things, including commercials, multicam captations, short films, graphic animations, weddings, no, still no weddings… they even provide drone footage for all lovers of breathtaking landscapes, but that you will discover further on the website.

See you soon!