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Wanna know the team ?

Now that’s quite a curious move, but this time, curiosity will lead you the right way : as you’ll see, Achim cares to recruit multifaceted personalities…

Here is our first secret :

How come Jonathan knows how to do such good rhythmic editing? Here is our first little secret : he has a spare life where he sings, writes, and creates rap videos. Wondering where Camille’s eagle eye comes from ? Well, he might be committed to watching 20 soccer games a week… And if you also noticed that Simeon has a thing for visual aesthetics, you will not be surprised to learn that he is also a designer in his spare time.

Come on now, quit the shyness and meet the rest of our world.

Meylan Productions - Photo équipe 2023

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Our partners

Through our contact with one another in the office, we eventually became close
(one often ends up getting attached to these odd animals), and as we quite admire each other’s work,
we figured we could collaborate… so we did!